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Revitalized Revitalized

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I've listened to it 3 times and believe I'm ready to critique. I like the unique presets I hadn't heard anywhere else. I also like the swing and memorable time signatures this track has, but honestly doesn't feel up to much. Maybe next time try implementing pads in the verses to give it more flow and mastering a bit more to bring out more bass in the drops. Next time, please use a different uplifter! The beginning of it sounds like the track is full of latency. I don't believe you have a problem with repetition. Good use of automation clips and variation of sounds throughout the track. This is something I fall prey to in my own tracks sadly so nicely done. Overall, good job. 6.5/10 :)

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Emphatic Warcry Emphatic Warcry

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Man, I can't even begin to describe how professional this Hardstyle track is. Wouldn't of been at all surprised to hear it on Beatport. It's going to be really to critique, lol.
Literally the absolute best I can come up with is maybe try not as sharp sidechain on certain drops. Notice how much "fuller" sounding the drop at 1:10 is compared to 4:00.
Other than that, it is absolutely everything I would want to hear in a Hardstyle track. I seriously hope you are discovered soon. Maybe hear you at the end of a Hardwell on Air. ;)
I am sorry I wasn't able to offer more. +1 follower

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Bounce! Bounce!

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Oh man, you did such an awesome job on this!! When I heard the intro, I knew I had found a goody. Happy to find this after giving lengthy reviews to other Big Room tracks that were not good (don't tell anyone). Since you really sound like you know what you're doing, I'm going to give you some complex criticism that kept me from giving you 5/5 stars.

First one's the smallest. Just thought I'd mention that you place bass stabs between the detuned kicks instead of sidechained with the kicks. This, therefore, makes this track "Melbourne," not "Big Room". Like I said, so minor it wouldn't of changed my rating of course. ;)

2nd one's a little nitpicky. This track is super long. 5:32's pretty unusual for a Big Room song. I like the variation of sounds you had altogether but Big Room is a genre that's hard to become professional due to being continually slandered for being "too repetitive". Maybe you should try 2 drops next time instead of 3.

3rd one's pretty major. As we say in the music biz, this track is extremely "muddy" sadly. Rather than having everything in it's proper place doing it's own thing, every sound is getting in the way of each other therefore taking away volume from each other. On the EQ scale, bass takes up a LOT of space, so cutting away unneeded bass is EXTREMELY important!! If you don't, you're going to have times where the overall sound is going to decrease when you add your massive kick when that is the part of the track where you want to really "pop". A very wise producer once told me, "high pass EVERYTHING" and since that day I have never stopped. When you do this, all the excess bass junk you hardly hear on the lead will not diminish the power of the kick and bass. For you, I recommend tighter sidechaining as well. Notice how good the kick sounds on the outro but not the drop you just heard before? This is why. I hope you take heed my advice. ;)

One last thing I'll leave you off with, don't compress the kick so much that it's wide bass will take away volume from the lead. Then the track will go really quiet on the drop! lol!

I hope I didn't seem rude at all. Not my intention at all, just thought I would help you out best I could! The track as a whole is actually extremely catchy and I look forward to hearing your next tracks! :D

PrismaticMusic responds:

Thank you so much for all this feedback!! This is what I crave!! Thank you for taking all the time to write this!! I don't take this as mean at all! Thank you!!

Big Room Big Room

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Whoa, how come the cymbal / high kick doesn't "kick through" the low end on every beat of the drop?? I certainly recommend looking into this. My recommendation is layering the kick then adding limiters to both. Have the peak dB higher on the high end than the low end. Then your drop should really "pop". To hear the kind of results I'm talking about just check out my track 'Engage'. I hope I was able to be of some assistance! :)

TrickshotCat12 responds:

This track is so shit and old jesus how did you find this xD

XspoZe - ~Memories~ XspoZe - ~Memories~

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Dude, the presets you have are really, really nice but the kick needs some serious help. To be proper Big Room this is what I recommend. Most importantly in fact, MAKE THE KICK 4-ON-THE-FLOOR STYLE. Breakbeat drops just don't generally work for Big Room (sometimes called Big House) unless you're throwing in some variation after awhile. Also, equally important, invented by Martin Garrix: Sidechain a detuned bass to the kick, add distortion to have it really pop. Only then will the "drop hit hard". Like I said, you've obviously got the presets to make a professional track so I really want to help you. Sorry if I come across as harsh, not my intent in the slightest. If you'd like to hear what I'm talking about when I talk about all this stuff about the kick, just listen to the end result of the kick in my track Engage. I hope I was able to be of some assistance. :)

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XspoZe responds:

This is a very old track... I didn't know all... Check my latest tracks)

All of our memories (Album Version) All of our memories (Album Version)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wow, so breathtaking!! Best of luck to you in the contest. ;)

ShikiGamiLD responds:

Thank you for the review.
Best luck to you too (/・ω・)/

1903 1903

Rated 3 / 5 stars

This was interesting. What DAW did you use out of interest? I like the variation of SFX and piano stabs but I felt that the track as a whole didn't exactly "flow" or "progress," do you know what I mean? Also, the completely right panned drum didn't agree with me. Nice job using so many different sounds though. I do recommend mastering after the track is done so you can get the track as a whole sounding louder. 6/10

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Nostalgia-ween Theme ~2016~ Nostalgia-ween Theme ~2016~

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I think it's so cool that I got to hear this well before it was used!! Thanks for uploading. ;)

Jam #37 Jam #37

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This was some very beautiful improvisation! I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing. I believe the end was my favourite part. The variation was very good but I felt that some parts were too distorted or went too high. Example - 1:27 too distorted (maybe just because of my music preferences though). 0:48, little too high for my ears. Maybe you can try high pass filtering. Managing the 800 to 1,000 Hz range can sometimes be an issue, but if things are cutting through too much, odds are it's somewhere in this range (especially for Rhodes). Other than that, I thought it was a very well made track. :)

EoD696 responds:

Thanks man, I appreciate the feedback. The rhodes is a bit distorted, but you don't really hear it until I really lay into the keys...I tried to leverage that in a passionate way. I didn't give alot of thought to after effects on the piano - I wanted that track to feel raw. Maybe the transitions are a bit rough, maybe the distortion is a bit strong. I'm not one to revise pieces after they've been published, but I'll take your thoughts into account in future compositions. Thank you.

Hinted Wind Hinted Wind

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This was really good! :o